First Appointment 

The First Step...

On your first visit to our clinic you will be greeted by our experienced medical assistant, and help us by providing some background information to allow us to take care of you properly.  Arrangement will then be made to see a physician either that day or as soon as possible thereafter and be evaluated whether treatment with opiate replacement therapy will be right for you and which treatment might be best.

A screening medical exam will be done looking for health problems and factors that will influence the choice of treatment. This check-up will  also point the direction of where problems in health might be so we may help you further once the addiction is stabilized. It will then be decided with your physician whether treatment can begin that day and what form of treatment would be best. 

Once treatment has begun, visits will be twice weekly for a short time, then usually once weekly, after some reasonable stability in your medication dosage and your addiction is achieved.  Frequency of visits ultimately are decided between you and your physician.

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