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Other Treatments 

Withdrawal management medications

Various medications could be used to assist with withdrawal along with controlled short term sleep 

aids that will assist as people make the transition to lower doses of opiate replacement treatment

or terminating treatment but have some symptoms.  It is our goal for patients  tapering to allow 

minimal withdrawal symptoms during the taper and minimize reactivation of cravings that 

may start the cycle of addiction again.

Behavioural Treatment

As our focus is medically assisted treatment,  the medications have been highlighted.  

More important is the ongoing changes in behaviour promoting long term abstinence

and allowing people in recovery the tools to change the behaviours setting up the

addiction cycle, addressing triggers and the emotional aspects of addiction that

allow self sabotaging behaviour to resurface.

We fully support 12-Step groups, Relapse prevention groups and also work with

government agencies as necessary to allow people to recover their lives and

families and try to heal the damage produced by the disease of addiction.

Other Addictions

Although not our main focus initially, other addictions often occur simultaneously.  We will assist in Alcohol and stimulant addictions referring to detox. services or limited use of medications.   Evidenced based choices can be less robust in some of these  problems but can  be selectively used in consultation with the physician.

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